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Our shirts are all unisex "retail fit," meaning they'll fit a little slimmer and tidier than the standard boxy tee (and none of that floppy sleeve nonsense). There will also be a tiny bit of shrinkage upon washing (no, not that kind), as pretty much all tees shrink, regardless of fabric. So, bottom line, if you're sporting a little more chub than you'd care to, or if you're a biscuit shy of that next size category, you might want to consider ordering a size up. Otherwise, no worries... stick with your usual size and you'll be good to go. Check out our friends Matt and Joanna for reference...

  • Matt is 6'1" and 185 lbs.

  • His chest size is 40"

  • He's wearing a MEDIUM

  • Joanna is 5'8" and 145 lbs.

  • Her bust size is 34"

  • Her dress size is a 4

  • She's wearing a SMALL

Rage-Free relative size chart


All of our caps are "one size fits most," meaning most adults and teens with normal-sized melons. We currently feature mid-pro caps (which sit at an average height on your head) or low-pro caps (which fit your dome more snugly). A structured cap means it's got a more rigid construction and will hold its shape; if it's unstructured, that means it's a floppy cap, like the one your dad wears to mow the lawn. Once again, Matt and Joanna will demonstrate...


Matt is wearing a structured mid-pro cap and Joanna is wearing a structured low-pro cap.

Thanks guys... way to be!

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