We’re all thinking the same thing, right? The world has gone completely insane. We’ve gone from laughing at Idiocracy to actually living it. But just because the world’s gone batshit crazy, that doesn’t mean you have to.


Coexistence is a choice. Integrity is a choice. Living a life of peace, especially, is a choice. And the whole idea behind this goofy Rage-Free concept is to nudge like-minded people into thinking about making these kinds of positive choices on a more-than-occasional basis. To choose love over hate. To choose compassion over cancellation. To choose I think over group think.


We’ve all seen where the rage, the fear, the hatred and the intolerance have taken us. It’s essentially become a big fart in the elevator, bringing us all to our knees. So maybe we’re doing it wrong. Maybe the right way is as obvious as it seems — to lighten up, play it cool and actually BE NICE to one another. Gasp! We’re not saying it will change the world, but it might change your world.


So dare to be rage-free. Who knows ... it could actually make a difference.



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